Patents, applied by Vale S.A. (BR)

# Status Description
1994079140 Expired A process for the controlled leaching of natural manganese dioxide by using hydrochloric acid
1997012542 Ceased Self aligning pneumatic bracket
1997030169 Ceased Auxiliary support for vibration data collection sensor
1997030170 Ceased Improvement in the positioning system for the arm of ore car turning equipment
1997041033 Ceased Process for iron ore pellets production
1998053913 Ceased Improvement in tooth of ore recovery buckets
1998055396 Ceased Split load cradle for conveyor belts
1998073129 Ceased Machine for polishing railway vehicle wheel axles
1998089370 Ceased A process for the production of titanium concentrate having a chemical composition similar to ilmenite from highly impure anatase ores
2001028098 Granted A device for detecting derailment of trains
2002024506 Ceased A constructive disposal in a stabilizer for a railway truck
2004284956 Granted A process to obtain titanium concentrates with high contents of TiO2 and low contents of radionuclide elements from anatase mechanical concentrates
2005301116 Ceased Device for eliminating oversize pellets from balling disks
2006225029 Ceased A material for coating iron ore pelletizing disks and drums and a constructive arrangement for pelletizing disks and drums
2006236085 Withdrawn Process for extraction of nickel, cobalt, and other base metals from laterite ores by using heap leaching and product containing nickel, cobalt, and other metals from laterite ores
2006308439 Granted A process for enrichment of anatase mechanical concentrates in order to obtain synthetic rutile with low contents of rare earth and radioactive elements
2006312941 Granted The combined leaching process
2007211854 Granted Hybrid process using ion exchange resins in the selective recovery of nickel and cobalt from leaching effluents
2007271665 Granted A process for the instantaneous control of precipitation of nickel and cobalt present in the leach liquor, by adjusting the pH of the solution
2007288148 Ceased Liquid or pulp aeration device