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Exercise devices


(12) (19) PATENT ABRIDGMENT (11) Document No. AU-B-30927/89 AUSTRALIAN PATENT' OFFICE (10) Acceptance No. 629537 (54) Title EXERCISE DEVICES International Patent Classification(s) (51) A63B011/02 A63B013/00 (21) Application No.: 30927/89 (22) Application Date 03.03.89 Priority Data (31) Number (32) Date (33) Country 241297 09.09.88 US UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (43) Publication Date 15.03.90 (44) Publication Date of Accepted Application 08.10.92 (71) Applicant(s) DAR PRODUCTS CORPORATION (72) Inventor(s) SCOTT CARUTHERS (74) Attorney or Agent WATERMARK PATENT TRADEMARK ATTORNEYS, Locked Bag 5, HAWTHORN VIC 3122 (56) Prior Art Documents US 4900016 US 4880228 US 4813669 (57) Claim 1. An exercise device for strengthening the targeted muscle of a user, characterized by the fact that the device has an opening formed therein through which the hand of the user may be inserted, the opening being defined by a pair of walls in the device and including an inner wall and an outer wall, whereby the user's hand is substantially curved around the inner wall and is disposed between the inner and outer walls, respectively, further an internal wall is provided within the device for limiting the insertion of the user's hand through the opening, such that a forceful grip of the user's hand on the weight means is not necessary, and such that the necessity for employing the user's conjunctive adjoining muscles is substantially reduced, thereby substantially reducing the tendency to detract from the development of the user's targeted muscle. 5. The exercise device of claim 4, further characterized that the weight means is a cylindrical weight secured between the complementary mating shells and intersecting the common midplane transversely thereof. 6. The exercise device of claim 5, further characterized that the cylindrical weight has respective ends, each of which is secured to one of the complementary mating shells, thereby securing the shells to each other. ,i.d 94 /2 'A (11) AU-B-30927/89 629537 8. The exercise device of claim 4, further characterized that each hemi-spherical mating shell has an outer wall having a concave inner surface, and further has an inner wall having a convex outer surface, such that when the user's hand is inserted through the opening and between the inner and outer walls, the palm of the user's hand confronts the convex surface of the inner wall, and the back of the user's hand confronts the concave inner surface of the outer wall. i eii t: i g -4


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