Patent 2002222312

Inertial exerciser device, method of assembly, and method of exercising therewith


Abstract: A method of exercising, various exercise devices and a method of assembling the exerciser devices. The exercise ridevice includes at least one weight system comprising at least a first weight and a second weight, the first and second weights being rotatably mounted, at least one chamber for at least partially enclosing the weight system, and at least one mechanism for allowing a Zuser to grip the inertial exerciser. A method of exercising provides for gripping the exerciser with at least onse hand, and moving the exerciser in at least one direction. A method of assembling an inertial exerciser, includes installing the at least one first weight and the at least one second weight into the at least one chamber, and attaching the at least one mechanism to the at least one chamber. 11 (57 Abtat1 ehdo xriig aiu xriedvcsadamto fasmln h xrie eie.Teeecs deie nlue t estoe egt yte oprsnga lata istwihtad ecn eih, h irtan ecn eihs en = oaal onea es n hme o tlatprilyecoigtewih ytm n tlatoemcaimfralwn 0i srt rpteieta xrie.Amto feecsn rvde o rpigteeecsrwt tlatoehnadmvn h exrcse ina2es0nieto.Amthdo sebiga nrilexrieicue ntligth tlatoefrtwih n th atlatoescnlegti th"tlaton hmean tahn.tea es nemcaimtoteaestoecabr


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