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Polymers having co-continuous architecture


Abstract: The present invention relates generally to a polymer having co-continuous architecture. More particularly, the present invention is directed to a single or plurality of polymer layers in polymeric, co-polymeric, hybrid or blend formation comprising at least one polymer layer having co-continuous architecture. The co-continuous architecture of the one or more polymers permits or otherwise facilitates accessibility of functional groups to an external environment or at least one polymeric layer. The accessible, i.e. co-continuous, nature of the functional groups, in or on the one or more polymers facilitates solid phase chemical processes, chromatography and ion exchange applications. The one or more polymers may also be used as a solid support for a range of diag nostic applications. The present invention further provides a solid support comprising a substrate polymer and one or more further polymers each in pellicular formation with respect to each other and wherein the resulting hybrid polymer comprises a polymer layer which is co-continuous with respect to the substrate polymer and functional groups thereon relative to a solution or solvent .~t phase or other environmental medium surrounding the hybrid polymer. In one form, the co-continuous architecture of a polymer is 1 said to be a polymer having porous-like properties. The present invention further contemplates a method for generating polymers M having co-continuous architecture and their use inter alia in solid phase processes including solid phase chemical processes, chro 17 matography and ion exchange as well as their use in a range of diagnostic applications. The present invention further provides a hybrid polymer having two or more polymers in pellicular formation and comprising a polymer layer which is co-continuous with 0 respect to functional groups thereon and the surrounding environment and having a substrate polymer portion with a mouldable shape with a particular mechanical strength and an ability to protect polymeric and/or functional chemical reactivities grafted thereto. In one preferred embodiment, the present invention provides co-continuous architecture formation through use of non-complementary polymers where at least one polymer or co-polymer in a blend of polymers is removable by extraction, solvation or any other chem ical or physical means such as but not limited to hydrolysis or degradation. The present invention also provides a polymer having co-continuous architecture in hybrid formation with a rigid basement substrate.


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