Air Ventilation

# Status Description
2000072483 Ceased A ventilation system for a greenhouse and the like
1994077995 Ceased Combination cook stove heat exchanger and filter
2002302278 Lapsed Ventilation method and device
1989031836 Ceased Forced air ventilation system
2002224644 Granted A ventilation system for a greenhouse and the like
2004205811 Ceased Heat exchanger unit
1992015270 Lapsed Air ventilation system
2004242543 Ceased Dish washing machine
2014266061 Filed Coffee brewing apparatus, coffee beverage system and method for preparing a coffee beverage
1988012837 Ceased A system for controlling automatically the setting of a damper in a ventilation duct
2010347154 Granted LED lighting apparatus
2011204883 Lapsed Portable ventilation curtain frame
1985040148 Ceased Improvements relating to smoking article mouthpiece elements
2013203105 Lapsed Sleeping bag for infants and children
2009202219 Lapsed Reducing the amperage on Electric Motors in the Air Ducting/Air Ventilation/Air Conditioning System/s
2013220380 Lapsed Air vent head
2014321519 Filed Oil-free air compressor for rail vehicles with air ventilation
2005203461 Granted A ventilation damper
2003222897 Ambient air cooling system, which is driven by a stepping motor, involving the permanent horizontal spraying of water, which is assisted by centrifugal pulsed air ventilation, in order to cover a programmable sectional area
2013293528 Filed Fire suppression systems, devices, and methods