# Status Description
1997017872 Ceased Custom apparel manufacturing apparatus and method
1994067495 Lapsed Apparel adornment
1995033225 Ceased Custom apparel manufacturing apparatus and method
2010201277 Granted Merchandise display and selection system
2014214550 Filed Fastener
1999060501 Lapsed Moldable transceiver for use with apparel
1993052254 Ceased Apparel adornment
1986064209 Ceased Liquid-containing decorative device
2005259226 Ceased Armour
2009100158 Ceased Stuffed Apparel
2010100969 Ceased Clothing Apparel
2011319474 Granted Systems of apparel with inbuilt devices for communication, entertainment, learning and health monitoring
1998067814 Ceased Personal apparel support system
1999012006 Lapsed Low friction articles
2001026407 Lapsed Elastomeric electroluminescent lamp on apparel
2011202340 Lapsed A Leg Apparel Aid
2012254846 Lapsed Entertainment device
2016222740 Filed Decorative apparel clasp and accessories
2006227771 Lapsed Articles with spinning globe
2001253599 Ceased Systems and methods for ambulatory monitoring of physiological signs