B64C25 52

# Status Description
1998068095 Ceased Multi-purpose aircraft
1994081202 Ceased Multi-purpose aircraft
2000035333 Lapsed Stiffness de-coupled skid landing gear
1995024263 Ceased Main rotor system for helicopters
1995035387 Ceased Yaw control and stabilization system for helicopters
1995036262 Ceased Hinged ski for aircraft egress and ingress
2008207291 Lapsed Suspension system with progressively constricting plunger
2008203161 Ceased A method of controlling a vehicle brake with torque correction
2008255122 Ceased A method of feeding energy to actuators associated with an aircraft undercarriage
2015224481 Filed Multi-position landing gear
2016241385 Filed Aircraft landing gear, aircraft carrying such and methods
2017245307 Filed Methods of identification and diagnosis of lung diseases using classification systems and kits thereof
1994061468 Ceased Sequential selective operation of aircraft brakes
2017201347 Filed Lawn mower
2017201357 Filed Lawn mower
2004237817 Granted Improvements in aircraft landing gear
2004318747 Granted Method and apparatus for braking and maneuvering
2011313915 Granted Brake system and method
2012220372 Accepted Buoyancy system