Baths & Closets

# Status Description
1996076512 Ceased A dual flush assembly for water closets
2016201049 Filed Apparatus and system for treating acid mine drainage using electrochemical reaction
2007100140 Ceased Pumps for Spa Baths and Pools
1992030014 Lapsed Structure for the assembly of doors, windows and closets
1993040514 Expired Automatic staining apparatus for slide specimens
1990049739 Ceased Apparatus for the desludging of baths
1986062031 Ceased The use of an agent for production of a constant coating thickness during cathodic electrocoating
2006308814 Granted Water treatment method for pools, spa baths and the like
2008216979 Granted Histological tissue specimen treatment
2001051817 Lapsed Poultry battery cage for laying hens
2001253207 Granted Vulcanization of dip-molded rubber articles with molten media baths
2002020332 Ceased Mixing jet assembly for spa baths and pools
2002320862 Lapsed Continuous casting roll for casting molten baths and method for producing one such continuous casting roll
1992014083 Lapsed Method and device for treatment of metal baths by means of a material having a high gas or vapour potential
1992018098 Ceased Improvements in or relating to baths and/or methods of manufacture thereof
1992018424 Ceased Recovery process for electroless plating baths
1997033599 Ceased Equipment for use in baths disposed within molten metal plating baths
2000036321 Ceased Electroplating baths
2013100630 Ceased Roller Rehab Bridge Bearing Service
1988011187 Ceased Composite product with a tubular casing for treating molten metal baths