# Status Description
2017229238 Filed Agricultural planter having tapered bearings on row unit mounting bracket
2017101378 Granted Tool-free Upper-and-lower Three-Guide Mechanism Capable of Realizing Rapid Position Adjustment
2017251690 Filed Power operated rotary knife
1989034074 Ceased Improvements in or relating to sugar cane mill
2012200076 Lapsed Valve release mechanism
2016101759 Granted A Reversible Wrench
2016232990 Filed A reversible wrench
2004235657 Granted Traveler car with recirculating ball bearings and bearing retainer
2004235660 Granted Blood pump having a magnetically suspended rotor
2005100634 Ceased Improved variable speed transmission
1987072258 Ceased Load compensating roller bearing construction
1997022777 Expired Sealless rotary blood pump with passive magnetic radial bearings and blood immersed axial bearings
1998050485 Ceased Long electrical motor
1998053282 Ceased Labelling device for compact discs
2012332875 Lapsed Misalignment connector utilizing interleaved bearings
2014356619 Filed Chassis for a rail vehicle
1992012454 Ceased Rocker arm assembly
2003204734 Lapsed Conveyor pro roller
1990066585 Ceased Mounting roller bearings for axles
1989029683 Lapsed Centrifugal pump bearing arrangement