# Status Description
1995040645 Ceased Pressure swing adsorption process for fractionating a multi-component mixture
2010202359 Lapsed Soil beds
2006232094 Ceased Portable oxygen concentrator
1992024332 Ceased Device for clamping hook needles for a crocheting machine
2002027685 Ceased Graded catalyst bed for split-feed hydrocracking/hydrotreating
1987081394 Ceased Improved process for synthesizing ammonia
1996074266 Ceased A camping trailer
1999059323 Lapsed Pressure and temperature swing adsorption and temperature swing adsorption
1991084625 Ceased A press for making pizza beds and the like
1986056217 Ceased Improved pressure absorption process and apparatus
1986058131 Ceased Solid adsorbent heat pump system
1992014711 Ceased Hydrocracking process
1994074450 Ceased Pressure swing adsorption process for purifying a high pressure feed gas mixture with respect to its less strongly adsorbed component
2000046975 Ceased Autothermal reforming system with integrated shift beds, preferential oxidation reactor, auxiliary reactor, and system controls
2003254745 Granted Split-flow, vertical ammonia converter
1987081063 Ceased Dual bed heat pump
2012223487 Filed Apparatus and systems having compact configuration multiple swing adsorption beds and methods related thereto
2013266250 Filed Oxidative coupling of methane systems and methods
2013381789 Filed Passive mattress management system
2014323640 Filed Sludge drying beds