# Status Description
2007362867 Granted A seam joining together at least two web materials
2017248560 Filed Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the semiconductor device
2000059406 Lapsed Polychloroprene/disocyanate adhesive system, wherein in the chloroprene rubber solution n-propylbromid is used as solvent
2006340403 Granted Laminated paper article and paper web
2010224301 Granted Artificial eyeflash structure and its fabrication and method of use
2005327899 Granted Method of bonding substrates
2006240526 Granted Method and device for multi -roll bonding and a diaper obtainable by said method
1991090718 Ceased Building member
2001293747 Lapsed Method and device for characterising and/or for detecting a bonding complex
2005203437 Lapsed Transient liquid phase bonding using sandwich interlayers
2006346077 Ceased A seam joining together at least two web materials
2008292429 Lapsed Substituted pyrazole derivative
2009237048 Granted Cleaning sheet and process for producing the same
2009280036 Granted Abrasive tools having a continuous metal phase for bonding an abrasive component to a carrier
2010310622 Lapsed A direct mounted photovoltaic device with improved adhesion and method thereof
2012225755 Granted Bonding element, bonding matrix and composite material having the bonding element, and method of manufacturing thereof
2012357698 Lapsed Double-walled drawer frame with an inner wall and an outer wall
2014369384 Filed Bonding structure of vehicle members and bonding structure of backdoor
1999032272 Ceased Method and apparatus for protecting the weld area of polyolefin coated pipe