Cabinet Structure

# Status Description
1993050768 Ceased Double-walled cabinet structure for air conditioning equipment
1992027331 Ceased Cabinet structure and method of producing same
1992013951 Ceased Double-walled cabinet structure for air conditioning equipment
2009244648 Granted Tool storage cabinet
1995025202 Ceased Cabinets
1999040659 Ceased A cabinet structure for enclosing electronic circuitry and equipment
1990048051 Ceased Square multi-pipe once-through boiler
1992016691 Ceased Automatic container cover
2009257435 Granted Cabinet structure configurations for infusion systems
2009257429 Granted Shielding assemblies for infusion systems
1994079385 Cabinet structure, having variable size, for electric and/or electronic equipments
1988026720 Withdrawn Improved microwave oven cabinet structure
1989038805 Ceased Exterior structure for cabinet
2002027692 Ceased A cabinet assembly
2007100947 Ceased Lamp structure
1998097055 Ceased Leg structure for drum washing machine
1998097054 Ceased Alien substance inflow preventing structure for drum type washing machine
2013207627 Granted Gaming Machine Cabinet
2008100099 Ceased Lamp structure
1991083798 Ceased High frequency heating apparatus utilizing inverter power supply