Cables Hinges

# Status Description
2009313180 Lapsed Large screen portable LED display
2003254031 Ceased Fiber management drawer and patch panel
2007265334 Granted Control display positioning system
2006235392 Ceased Folding hinge
2011304659 Granted Steel cable conveyor belt having a connection hinge for coupling two belt ends
1999032087 Granted Expandable medical device with ductile hinges
1993034090 Ceased Container with main lid and auxiliary lid hingedly mounted on the main lid
2006312329 Granted Ceramic doors and boards and applications thereof
1998062958 Ceased Container in particular for transporting fruits and vegetables
2001079480 Ceased Joint brace hinges
1992020199 Ceased Improvements in viewer assemblies and in viewable material adapted thereto
2005204633 Ceased Knee brace hinges with adaptive motion
2009290126 Granted Security box
1997013250 Ceased Pivot mechanism for motor car doors
2000068518 Lapsed Device for guiding at least a flexible elongated element such as a cable or the like, with substantially closed contour
2012379151 Granted Novel floating eagle type wave power generating device with semi-submersible characteristic
1994068824 Ceased Manipulable hand for laparoscopy
2001100063 Ceased Safety Striker Plate
2002015469 Lapsed Sanitary napkin having multiple longitudinal hinges
1992012942 Ceased Locking trocar sleeve