# Status Description
2006252206 Lapsed Bar chairs
2006100483 Expired Mobile table and chairs
1995034409 Ceased Bar chairs
1990054537 Ceased An article of furniture
1994074271 Ceased Control mechanism for the seat carriers of chairs, especially swivel chairs
1995026320 Ceased A method for production of reinforcement chairs and a mould for use in the production
2007200772 Lapsed Cableway system having transport devices that can be coupled to a conveying cable
1994057616 Ceased Table means
1994064741 Ceased Joined concertina chairs
1994075470 Ceased Combined chair
1996050788 Ceased Plane for the seat of armchairs, divans, chairs or similar, with devices for the fixing of the belts that take advantage of the tension of themselves in order to constrain them to the support framework
1999040756 Ceased Chair
1992027031 Ceased Device for adjusting seat frame and back rest of chair of swivel type chair
1994074272 Ceased Height adjustment for the backs of chairs
2002045863 Withdrawn A floor for a means of transport and profiles for the construction thereof as well as a vehicle provided whith such a floor
2003204309 Ceased Aerial cableway system with at least one load-bearing and conveying cable moving between a valley station and a mountain station
2010101431 Ceased Meshmate
2011365010 Lapsed Anti-ballistic chairs
2012243432 Granted System for surface profiling of poured concrete slabs
2015340058 Filed Bar-pods for reinforced concrete formwork and scaffold