Chemical Applications

# Status Description
1986054518 Ceased Solid compositions based on superoxides, production thereof and electro-chemical applications thereof
2007258214 Granted An advanced fired heater unit for use in refinery and petro-chemical applications
2008329540 Granted Nanoemulsions
1999011029 Ceased Variable flow control device for precision application
2017203483 Filed Chemical feeder including dilution control system
2017204471 Filed Novel solid block comprising one or more domains of prismatic or cylindrical shape and production thereof
1988019347 Expired Amorphous copolymers of perfluoro-2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxole
2017232158 Accepted Water treatment system and method
2006203606 Granted Electrochemical method for measuring chemical reaction rates
1985049963 Ceased Apparatus for cryopreparing biological tissue for ultrastructural analysis
2001273197 Granted Electrochemical method for measuring chemical reaction rates
1985042915 Ceased HIGH FLUX MEMBRANE
2007271166 Ceased Method for separating a chemical element from uranium (VI) using an aqueous nitric phase, in a uranium extraction cycle
2017201542 Filed Induction of pluripotent cells
2017201736 Filed Spray-on anti-soil formulations for fibers, carpets and fabrics
2017202915 Filed Stabilized fibronectin domain compositions, methods and uses
2017204328 Filed Tip Brush - New Electrochemical Electrode
2002225523 Lapsed Peroxide compositions with reactive diluents
2002226185 Lapsed Polymers having co-continuous architecture
2017200337 Filed Diffusion-rate-limited thermal chemical vapor deposition coating