Conductors and Insulators

# Status Description
1990059961 Ceased Electrically insulated coil, electric rotating machine, and method of manufacturing same
2015249876 Filed Temporary transfer bus
1990048250 Ceased Improved method for making printed circuits
2015275235 Accepted High-temperature, high-pressure vacuum relay
2004214622 Lapsed Substrates carrying polymers of linked sandwich coordination compounds and methods of use thereof
2011337072 Granted Electrical retarding deration
2012368592 Granted Motor
1991075617 Lapsed High-voltage transformer substation of increased seismic stability
2004297645 Lapsed A display device
2005322072 Lapsed Addressable and printable emissive display
2013202571 Accepted POWER TRACK
2014386748 Filed Orthogonal signaling touch user, hand and object discrimination systems and methods
2007347327 Granted Power Cable
2014201687 Granted Cable including reinforcement elements
2015367281 Filed An improved catheter and method of manufacture thereof
2017250071 Filed Enclosure structure provided with directionally-laid power transmission conductors, and laying method
2010200262 Ceased Controlling coat weights on hot dip metal coated wires
2006338593 Ceased Method of reducing electro-static discharge (ESD) from conductors on insulators
2008336010 Lapsed Frame structure of class 6 cable
1996070409 Ceased Key identifier method and apparatus