# Status Description
1996042048 Lapsed Anterior screw-rod connector, formerly spinal rod transverse connectors
1987079878 Ceased Improvements relating to airconditioning ducting
1996056276 Ceased Method and apparatus for hot plugging/unplugging a sub-system to an electrically powered system
1989038087 Ceased Modem backplane interconnections
2001251465 Ceased Splitter architecture for a telecommunication system
1990067626 Ceased Improvements relating to airconditioning ducting
1988014594 Ceased Electrical keying for replaceable modules
1990053744 Ceased Self terminating connector and cable assembly
1996048270 Ceased Transverse connection for spinal rods
1998067053 Lapsed Adapter and guide pin assembly for coupling of fiber optic connectors
1998091394 Ceased Improved electrical connector
2009217524 Granted Push-then-pull operation of a separable connector system
2009217535 Granted Separable connector with reduced surface contact
1997020810 Ceased Cable patch device
2000040812 Ceased High density patching system
2006259275 Granted Apparatus, method and system for improved reservoir simulation using an algebraic cascading class linear solver
2004202136 Ceased High density patching system
2005217981 Granted Connector assembly for minimizing alien crosstalk between connectors
2005217982 Lapsed Methods and systems for positioning connectors to minimize alien crosstalk
2005217983 Granted Methods and systems for compensating for alien crosstalk between connectors