# Status Description
2015200813 Filed Construction management system
2005200501 Lapsed Construction material composition, construction material, coating composition and waste construction material soil conversion method
2008201962 Lapsed Computational apparatus and method for modelling employment
2006201825 Ceased Variable Message Sign
2000036420 Ceased A method of producing a materials list for a construction project and a costs estimate based on such a materials list
2005201014 Lapsed System and method of home construction risk management
2005232283 Lapsed System and method of home construction risk management
2005301463 Granted Tug with movable towing installation
2008310379 Ceased Tire tread pattern selection method for construction vehicle, and tire tread pattern selection support system for construction vehicle used therein
2014336185 Filed Building construction surface element and building construction / building construction surface arrangement and method to manufacture same
2016283735 Filed Construction management system and construction management method
1998073930 Ceased Opening/closing hinge construction for a housing
2001023179 Ceased Method and system for efficiently transacting an order and for communicating order information between a construction contractor and a construction material supplier
2003233847 Granted Construction joint
1993036039 Lapsed Pultruded composite joint system for electrical transmission towers and other large structures
1999032246 Ceased Method and apparatus for measuring component performance data of construction machine
2010334410 Granted Construction system and methods therefor
2011226894 Lapsed Construction Module
2012206402 Lapsed A non-standard, reinforced load-bearing cell for a simplified, interconnecting cellular construction system
2014101272 Granted Geared Super Construction Finance