# Status Description
2000053634 Ceased A method of controlling the operation of cooking apparatus
1999012168 Lapsed Automatic cooker having a card-type controller for controlling cooking conditions according to cooking data stored in a removable control card
2007100302 Ceased Wall mounted cooking apparatus
2012238905 Granted An induction cooking hob with a pot detection device and a method for operating an induction cooking hob
1996045740 Ceased Temperature control apparatus of microwave oven and method thereof
2000010078 Ceased Automatic cooking control method for a microwave oven
2007209820 Lapsed Cooking Grill
2007351771 Lapsed Wall mounted cooking apparatus
2011315743 Granted A cooking hob with a balance system and a method for adjusting the temperature of a cooking vessel
2009268474 Granted Cooking appliance and method of cooking a food item
2007342774 Granted Cooking information book, cooking system, cooking method, and using method for the cooking system
2016284602 Filed Cooking vessel for an oven cavity of a cooking oven
1991086044 Ceased Microwave oven
1997028603 Ceased Cooking apparatus sequentially displaying cooking methods on its display and cooking methods using such cooking apparatus
1992018273 Ceased Batch process for preparing kraft pulp
1993038664 Ceased High efficiency steam cooker
2001284276 Ceased Programmable cooking systems
2005222646 Lapsed Electric grill
2005330258 Granted Cooking appliance lockout
2007223055 Granted Cooking methods for a combi oven