# Status Description
1992020426 Lapsed Cutlery sorter and packaging machine
1986059049 Ceased Sorting cutlery
2004227004 Lapsed Assembly for washing, drying and polishing cutlery, and washing device intended for such an assembly
2007316386 Lapsed Cutlery dispenser and method of dispensing cutlery
2014389989 Filed Forward advancing cutlery dispenser
1988019556 Expired Cutlery basket for dish-washing machine
2004275568 Ceased Cutlery set assembly
2006200217 Ceased A Teaching Aid for Correct Use of Cutlery by Children
2011226338 Granted Cutlery tray, dishwasher basket and dishwasher
2003100256 Ceased A Modular Support Set for Cutlery and Utensils
2009201663 Lapsed Less mess improved cutlery design
2016204580 Filed Resilient cutlery handle
1991073748 Lapsed A container lid with press-out sections
2000040862 Granted Knife block
2005242117 Granted Cutting-tool holder used for grinding
2006100348 Ceased Electroplate Cutlery
2008234974 Granted Cutlery Cleaner
2010202826 Granted Protective sheath for securing a blade of a cutlery implement
2012223501 Granted Conveying apparatus for feeding washware to a conveyor warewasher
2014332581 Lapsed Set meal packaging for inflight dining