# Status Description
2004284049 Ceased Cutting insert for high feed face milling
2010100305 Ceased Cutting apparatus
2015203355 Granted Downhole cutting tool
2005200560 Ceased Process and apparatus for weakening an automotive trim piece for an airbag deployment opening
2005320441 Granted Cutting segment of cutting tool and cutting tool
2007201570 Lapsed Board Shear
2008200532 Ceased Sleeve for reversible cutting tool
2008200538 Ceased Reversible cutting tool with shield
2010100330 Ceased Hole Drilling Guide
2005201066 Lapsed Drum Turning Mechanism for Continuous Miners and Longwall Shearers
2006237783 Granted Cutting segment for diamond tool and diamond tool having the segment
2008100642 Ceased Gardening shears having energy-saving effect
2008230023 Lapsed A Cutting Pick and Mounting Assembly
2006237767 Granted Cutting segment for cutting tool and cutting tools
2006290853 Ceased Method and apparatus for and to make hair removal elements
2007218487 Granted Cutting tip, method for making the cutting tip and cutting tool
2007305343 Withdrawn Produce cutting machine
2007340185 Lapsed Drill for making flat bottom hole
2007345301 Lapsed Systems, methods and devices for tibial resection
2008211896 Granted Cutting tip