# Status Description
1994063320 Expired Method and apparatus for erecting a door
1998056261 Ceased Waterproof hair wrap
1988021762 Ceased Implantable electrophoretic pump for ionic drugs and associated methods
1999064467 Ceased Therapeutic ring
2005200567 Lapsed Wearable screen
2012227215 Granted Gaming machine arranging two symbol columns in the same order
2004274382 Granted Benzimidazole derivatives: preparation and pharmaceutical applications
2004100872 Ceased Lovers on bed support (L.O.B.S.)
2004261212 Ceased Treatment and prevention of cardiovascular events
2002335264 Lapsed Anti-HLA-DR antibody
2012214963 Granted Electric device and power management apparatus for changing demand response (DR) control level
1998052820 Revoked A brick clip assembly
1999058287 Ceased Method of anticipatory dialing
1999059542 Ceased Interactive applications
1998052779 Lapsed Reverse circulation drill assembly
2003258841 Granted Bulk steel for the production of injection moulds for plastic material or for the production of pieces for working metals
1991077371 Lapsed Electric hand-held scraper
1991083451 Ceased Ducted skirting
1993038107 Ceased Quick-drying nail coating composition
1996062059 Ceased 7-isoindolinyl-quinolone derivatives and 7-isoindolinyl- naphthyridone derivatives