Data Processing

# Status Description
2016204068 Accepted DATA ACCELERATION
2011202617 Granted Print document processing system, cache apparatus, data processing apparatus, program, and print document processing method
2007208128 Lapsed Firmware socket module for FPGA-based pipeline processing
2011202615 Granted Print document processing system, cache apparatus, program, and print document processing method
2004244625 Granted Systems and methods for dynamically generating and distributing synchronized enhancements to a broadcast signal
2005201552 Granted A data processing method, system and computer program
2008202063 Ceased Data processing architecture
2013388031 Granted Data processing system and data processing method
2016200472 Filed Method and system for data transmitting and displaying
2008246424 Ceased System and method for exchanging data between a first data processing system and a second data processing system via an at least partly public communication network
2014216441 Granted Queue monitoring and visualization
2008328637 Granted Method and arrangement for monitoring and presenting the status of an electrolytic process in an electrolytic cell
2014277525 Granted Service process control method and network device
2005200290 Ceased Data processing apparatus and data processing method
2006276505 Lapsed Information processing device, and information processing program to be used in the device
2011212534 Granted Point of sale system for retail, having automatic inclusion of price reductions in a flexible manner while protecting customer data
2012230098 Lapsed Printing process, arrangement for realizing the printing process and a corresponding computer program and a corresponding computer-readable storage medium
2012235129 Granted Encryption processing device, encryption processing method, and programme
2015247639 Filed Processing data from multiple sources