# Status Description
2008350975 Granted Disposable pump with suck-back mechanism
2002021290 Ceased Dispensing device
2002027732 Ceased Dispensing system and method for premoistened wipes
2005272635 Lapsed Package for pouring a granular product
2007200341 Lapsed Dispensing container for two flowable products
1999038000 Ceased Vending machine for bottles
1999034985 Lapsed Pumpless micro-flow control fluid dispensing system and method
2006235671 Granted A fluid dispensing device
2006281789 Lapsed Method and assembly for guiding a dispensing line through a beverage dispenser
2008229884 Lapsed Sharps dispensing and disposal system
2008350973 Granted Disposable dispensing system comprising a collapsible container, a dispenser and a method for dispensing liquid from such dispensing system
2009324259 Granted A hand-held dispensing device
2014256326 Granted Device for storing and mixing bone cement
2000016413 Lapsed Fertilizing apparatus
2010201953 Refused A fluid dispensing device
2013201803 Lapsed Back-Flow Prevention Valve for a Fluid Dispenser
2013204782 Lapsed Mechanical dispensing system
2014201650 Filed Applicator for dispensing materials through a water-jet device
2015215895 Lapsed Control for dispensing system
2004235874 Granted A method for dispensing a beverage and devices therefor