Dynamic IR

# Status Description
1996042048 Lapsed Anterior screw-rod connector, formerly spinal rod transverse connectors
1997039568 Granted Combined laser/FLIR optics system
2000057005 Lapsed Method for the static and dynamic control of the planarity of flat rolled products
1995017549 Expired A vending system
2007207767 Lapsed Method of reverse link dynamic power control in a wireless communication system using quality feedback from a delay-sensitive traffic stream or overhead channel
1989034080 Ceased Material stress monitor
2005200657 Granted Method for resuming header decompression in a multimedia broadcast /multicast service system
1997016212 Ceased Signal processing apparatus for converting multi-bit signal having sub-data added thereto into one-bit signal
2010101127 Ceased Smart Damping System
1988016314 Ceased Interactive television system for providing full motion synched compatible audio/visual displays from transmitted television signals
1989042545 Ceased A molded case circuit breaker having means for controlling the dynamic friction between the connection means and contact arm of the movable contact assembly
2005200565 Ceased Method of resuming header decompression in a multimedia broadcast/multicast service system
2014308734 Filed Intraoperative dynamic trialing
2015284430 Filed Dynamic 3D lung map view for tool navigation inside the lung
1991082853 Ceased Computed tomography apparatus using image intensifier detector
1993050870 Ceased Absorbent article with dynamic elastic feature comprising elasticized hip panels
2000030114 Ceased Horizontal reel barge
2004310323 Lapsed Protected dynamic provisioning of credentials
2005270833 Lapsed Method and system for dynamic, real-time addition of advertisements to downloaded static content
2005277794 Lapsed A system and method for dynamic fob synchronization and personalization