Electrical Applications

# Status Description
1988019347 Expired Amorphous copolymers of perfluoro-2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxole
2010100174 Granted Polymeric Based Electric Insulation Coatings
2001100398 Ceased Neogen
1994068918 Lapsed Tube forming elements
2013396770 Accepted A material comprising reduced graphene oxide, a device comprising the material and a method of producing the material
2003237364 Planar dc-dc converter for multi-volt electrical applications
1992021541 Palladium alloys having utility in electrical applications
1997029424 Ceased Self-extinguishing cable releasing low quantities of toxic and corrosive smokes and gases
2000024394 Lapsed Metallizable moulded part
1993036039 Lapsed Pultruded composite joint system for electrical transmission towers and other large structures
2005259162 Granted Method and system for inserting a fiber optical sensing cable into an underwater well
1992012018 Ceased Improvements relating to conductors for electrical connection applications
2002322190 Ceased An electrically controlled very high value floating CMOS resistor
1992010008 Lapsed Product with mixed oxynitride base for lining a shielded electrical resistor and for refractory applications, and process for obtaining the same
1990048250 Ceased Improved method for making printed circuits
2006306404 Ceased Applications and installation of a heating system having a conduit electrically isolated from a formation
1985048100 Ceased Card verification and validation
2007216793 Granted Higher performance sleeved interference fasteners for composite applications
2017200253 Filed Pump system and method of use
2017200254 Filed Pump system and method of use