Exercise Devices

# Status Description
2017204261 Filed Methods of treating cardiovascular diseases and predicting the efficacy of exercise therapy
1990065957 Ceased Aquatic exercise device
1995011333 Ceased Exercise machine for realistic simulation of boat rowing
2001256721 Ceased Exercise signal generator of exercise load meter
1999049707 Lapsed Devices and methods for assessment and treatment of urinary and fecal incontinence
2011207170 Lapsed Method and apparatus for exercise monitoring combining exercise monitoring and visual data with wireless internet connectivity
2004283685 Lapsed Exercise resistance system
2010206577 Lapsed Orthopedic shoulder system and method
2010292063 Granted Improved diagnostic sensors and/or treatments for gastrointestinal stimulation or monitoring devices
1990054870 Ceased Method and apparatus for the direct transfer of information between application programs running on distinct processors without utilizing the services of one or both operating systems
1995023415 Ceased Exercise apparatus for the disabled
2002232894 Resistance devices, total-body exercise machines outfitted therewith, and exercise methods using such devices and machines
2003204745 Lapsed Rehabilitation device
2016101767 Granted Gym Virtual Trainer - Smart phone application that uses positional devices and biofeedback sensors to provides feedback to user on technique , intensity zones ( IE heart heart) and speed of movement of exercise.
1985044903 Ceased An exercise apparatus
2004234184 Ceased An exercise training apparatus
2005226064 Lapsed Digital license sharing system and method
2008302431 Lapsed Combination anchor for an exercise device
2006304818 Ceased Systems and methods for administering an exercise program