# Status Description
2004221195 Lapsed Enterprise value evaluation device and enterprise value evaluation program
2014203117 Filed Zapaat context internet search engine
1998079959 Lapsed A method in the forming of packaging containers
2014101272 Granted Geared Super Construction Finance
2014101277 Granted New method for banks, financial institutions and monetary funds to provide ethical loans finance including Islamic finance with no interest or usury. Banks, financial institutions and monetary funds can replace interest or usury using this new method which is an internal crypto currency block chain dependent process the minting of new coin and mining of transaction fees.
1998055860 Granted Board game for teaching fundamental aspects of personal finance, investing and accounting
2016102055 Granted This invention describes a method for the positioning of a financial services merchant as the central repository of trust in a transaction between buyer and seller relating to an asset that is or has been previously secured by the Merchant by way of a contract with the seller.
1998089416 Granted Elevated bottom carton
2001252496 Ceased Method and apparatus for managing remittance processing within account receivables
2001256575 Ceased Method and apparatus for managing credit inquiries within account receivables
2001256600 Ceased Method and apparatus for managing account receivables
2001256603 Ceased Web-based method and system for managing account receivables
2001258683 Ceased Method, apparatus and computer program for managing accounting system interfaces
2002022979 Granted Multivariate responses using classification and regression trees systems and methods
2006101047 Ceased Personal finance calculator
2007200771 Lapsed Loan modelling method and apparatus
2011256901 Lapsed Consumer Finance Method and System
2012255427 Granted Card information protection device and finance service equipment having the same
2013207351 Filed Supply chain finance system