Fishing and Trapping

# Status Description
2009201775 Lapsed Multipurpose Fishing Rod Holder
2006241328 Ceased Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder
2006236471 Lapsed Method and apparatus for long line and recreational bait fishing
1990049795 Ceased Improvements to fishing apparatus
2009100254 Expired Fishing Wipes
2008100889 Ceased Improved fishing reel with hook retainer
2012202235 Granted Insect monitoring and trapping device
2003204142 Ceased Method and apparatus for long-line fishing
2000013624 Ceased Remote control unmanned fishing boat and device for remote control thereof
1998063501 Lapsed Goalkeeper's glove for trapping football
2006285045 Granted Bed bug monitor
2007231724 Ceased Methods to enhance the pneumatic handling characteristics of weighting agents
2004242413 Ceased A molding material, and a molded article
2009100909 Ceased Modular multipurpose lid system
2000066576 Granted A method for improving performance of fishing and drilling jars in deviated and extended reach wellbores
2004222505 Lapsed Insect trapping device
1994077995 Ceased Combination cook stove heat exchanger and filter
2001240264 Ceased Resin composition, molding material, and molded object
1997048875 Method of line fishing and fishing hook for use in connection with line fishing
2004218528 Lapsed Float having replaceable rudder