Flexible or Portable Panels

# Status Description
2017101320 Granted MODULAR PET ENCLOSURE
2003212611 Granted Foldable structure
2014200067 Filed A SOLAR PANEL KIT
1990064954 Ceased Container and methods of making same
1991083406 Lapsed Insulated drug supply pouch
2017200858 Filed Vehicle Veranda
2017201100 Filed Systems and methods for cards and devices operable to communicate via light pulses and touch sensitive displays
1994078041 Lapsed Structural member and building structures
2016210722 Filed Providing On-Demand Services Through Use Of Portable Computing Devices
2017100648 Granted A Bag
2017100965 Granted Safety Barrier System for Buildings
2000059410 Lapsed A bag and related methods of forming and filling
1988021103 Ceased Packaging system & method
2005300651 Lapsed Laminate packaging
2008201952 Lapsed A volumetric extension device for vehicle load holding
2016273418 Filed Personal safety device
2008333764 Granted Storage and organization system
2009101228 Ceased Method for bluetooth marketing integrated with mobile electronic display advertising
2017204116 Lapsed Container for an electric or optical conductor