Flow Meter

# Status Description
2001010051 Lapsed Flow meter structure
2007352590 Granted Vibratory flow meter and method for correcting for an entrained phase in a two-phase flow of a flow material
2003237909 Granted Flow meter monitoring and data logging system
2007360170 Granted Vibratory flow meter and method for determining a fluid temperature of a flow material
2000056514 Ceased Coriolis mass flow meter
2004200810 Granted Flow meter pickoff assembly and flow meter pickoff adjustment method for nulling meter zero offset
1998089404 Ceased Method of measuring flow rates of respective fluids constituting multiphase fluid and flow meter for multiphase flow utilizing the same
2007354291 Granted Vibratory flow meter and method for correcting for entrained gas in a flow material
2009243118 Granted Very high frequency vibratory flow meter
2009243120 Granted Very low frequency vibratory flow meter
2003286596 Granted Diagnostic apparatus and methods for a Coriolis flow meter
2004321718 Granted Meter electronics and method for detecting a residual material in a flow meter assembly
1993050518 Ceased A method for the automated injection of gas into an installation for the multiple casting of metals and equipped with ingot moulds with pourer bushes
2006268266 Granted Wet gas metering using a differential pressure based flow meter with a sonar based flow meter
2007357101 Granted Flow meter system and method for measuring flow characteristics of a three phase flow
1995030576 Ceased High void fraction multi-phase fluid flow meter
1996065424 Expired Method and apparatus for adaptive line enhancement in coriolis mass flow meter measurement
2006281290 Granted Low power ultrasonic flow measurement
1993036457 Ceased Apparatus and method for measuring two- or three phase fluid flow utilizing one or more momentum flow meters and a volumetric flow meter
2006347556 Granted Multiple flow conduit flow meter