# Status Description
2001043926 Ceased Cooling plate and process for manufacturing a cooling plate
2005250105 Granted Agglomerated stone for using in shaft furnaces, corex furnaces or blast furnaces, method for producing agglomerated stones, and use of fine and superfine iron ore dust
2005100185 Ceased Method of using steel slag and ironplast furnaces slag for making concrete blocks
1995010153 Ceased Intermediate thickness twin slab caster and inline hot strip and plate line
2013202874 Granted Hot water system
2005298223 Granted Process and production line for manufacturing hot ultrathin steel strips with two casting lines for a single endless rolling line
2005337795 Lapsed Process and apparatus for low-NOx combustion
2006297088 Ceased Control device for AC reduction furnaces
1999022630 Ceased Feeding device for shaft furnaces
2001057658 Lapsed Compositions for mitigating coke formation in thermal cracking furnaces
2002317516 Granted Installation for Feeding a Plurality of Loads, e.g. Cells of Aluminium Melting Furnaces, with Bulk Material, e.g. Pulverised aluminium Oxide
2008202628 Granted Refractory composition for glass melting furnaces
1996050833 Expired Modular spray cooled side-wall for electric arc furnaces
1996056217 Ceased Galvanizing apparatus with coreless induction furnace
1997040949 Ceased Method for the electromagnetic stirring of the liquid metal in electric arc furnaces and relative device
1997041886 Ceased Tapping method for electric arc furnaces, ladle furnaces or tundishes and relative tapping device
1998056268 Ceased Top closing device for shaft furnaces
1998092434 Ceased Cooling elements for shaft furnaces
1999010012 Ceased Cooling plate for shaft furnaces
1999021802 Ceased Cooled roof for electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces