Gene Therapy

# Status Description
2017200307 Accepted Immunogenic peptides for use in the prevention and/or treatment of infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, immune responses to allofactors, allergic diseases, tumors, graft rejection and immune responses against viral vectors used for gene therapy or gene vaccination
2017206254 Lapsed AAV -vectors for use in gene therapy of choroideremia
1994057272 Expired Peripheralization of hematopoietic stem cells
2017202580 Filed Boron-containing diacylhydrazines
1994057349 Expired Gene therapy for cystic fibrosis
1989037788 Ceased Gene therapy using gene fusions for genetic or acquired disorders
1994067247 Ceased GRB3-3 gene, its variants and their uses
1995028533 Ceased Recombinant vectors derived from adenovirus for use in gene therapy
2014255655 Filed Gene-therapy vectors for treating cardiomyopathy
1995032428 Expired 17q-linked breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility gene
1995033212 Expired In vivo mutations and polymorphisms in the 17q-linked breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility gene
1995033216 Expired Method for diagnosing a predisposition for breast and ovarian cancer
2003242459 Granted Primary cultured adipocytes for gene therapy
1995026160 Ceased Method for introducing foreign matter into higher eukaryotic cells
1999061872 Ceased Genetically modified CD34-negative adherently growing stem cells and their use in gene therapy
1993037818 Ceased Methods and compositions for gene, tumor, and viral infection therapy, and prevention of programmed cell death (apoptosis)
1995021863 Expired MTS gene, mutations therein, and methods for diagnosing cancer using MTS gene sequence
1995023789 Expired Germline mutations in the MTS gene and method for detecting predisposition to cancer at the MTS gene
1999018500 Lapsed Somatic gene therapy to cells associated with fluid spaces