Geometric Instruments

# Status Description
1995030291 Ceased System of relational entities for object-oriented computer-aided geometric design
2004201165 Lapsed Geometric plate having flexible connecting frame
1993031071 Ceased Security bands to prevent counterfeiting with color copies
1996076190 Ceased Method and system for determining the geometric dimensions of particles of a pelletized and/or granulated material
2007254625 Ceased Determining geometric transform parameters for physical medium
2014302666 Accepted System and method for selecting a drilling path based on cost
2001245676 Lapsed Method for characterization of multi-scale geometric attributes
2004323338 Granted Calibrating device
2005201206 Granted Instruments and methods for stabilization of bony structures
2010202704 Granted Methods For Predicting Warp Of A Wood Product Produced From A Log
2014306751 Filed Systems and methods of measuring facial characteristics
2015235511 Filed Detection device and detection method
2015336012 Filed Clamps for securing solar energy panels
1987083052 Ceased Solid fuel-water slurry composition and process for the preparation of the same
1999053907 Lapsed Geometric design and modeling system using control geometry
2000055145 Ceased Coin validation
2011101575 Granted Touch-screen keyboard facilitating touch typing with minimal finger movement
2012300658 Granted Method of surfacing a surface of a spectacle lens
2009260279 Granted System and method for modeling flow events responsible for the formation of a geological reservoir
2010100848 Ceased Chopping board structure with replaceable chopping surface