# Status Description
2005237127 Lapsed Grinding Head of a Mobile Grinding Machine and Mobile Grinding Machine Comprising such a Grinding Head
2000029526 Ceased A grinding tool for grinding buttons of a rock drill bit, a grinding cup, a grinding spindle and a method for mounting the grinding cup on a grinding spindle
2004203593 Ceased Agitator mill
1996045332 Expired Grinding cup and holder device
2004215687 Granted Cylindrical grinding method for producing hard metal tools and cylindrical grinding machine for grinding cylindrical starting bodies during the production of hard metal tools
1997028713 Ceased Method and apparatus for the dry grinding of solids
2007280484 Lapsed Method of grinding an indexable insert and grinding wheel for carrying out the grinding method
2014217847 Filed A grinding unit, a cartridge for the grinding unit and use of same for grinding coffee beans
2015265526 Filed A grinding device for grindable products
2015345942 Filed Grinding tool for buttons on a rock drill bit
1999042466 Ceased Grinding body for on-line roll grinding
2014253025 Granted Grinding body
2001254560 Granted Grinding tool for buttons of a rock drill bit
1995034274 Expired Grinding cup and holder device
2014222755 Granted Method of controlling a grinding mill process
2014271185 Granted A grinding apparatus
2001239059 Granted Mass reduced grinding cup
2002042370 Ceased Apparatus for producing reduced iron
2004213070 Granted Grinding apparatus for buttons on rock drill bit
2005227083 Granted Method, control device and drive device for detaching a charge stuck to the inner wall of a grinding pipe