Gutter related

# Status Description
2001031399 Ceased A pivoting gutter assembly
2006200872 Ceased Demountable gutter assembly for a roof
1991071940 Expired A gutter guard
1989031729 Ceased An improved gutter guard
1990051383 Lapsed A gutter and bracket therefor
1984027973 Ceased GUTTER GUARD
1984026202 Expired Vehicle roof rack
1984028740 Ceased Gutter bracket,fascia and gutter
1997028641 Ceased Rotatable roof gutter system
2000020775 Ceased System for removing oil deposits in an industrial kitchen canopy
1987071777 Ceased Assembling construction of a spider hub and a rim wheel
1985046564 Ceased Gutter bracket
1996070548 Expired Hinged gutter guard
1997020022 Ceased Hinged gutter
1997039255 Ceased A roof gutter
1998052917 Revoked A roof gutter
2006203762 Ceased Guttering System
2000048776 Ceased Weather protectors
1995012225 Revoked A roof gutter
1987073689 Ceased Improvements in or relating to gutter joiners