Heat Accumulators

# Status Description
2015359869 Filed Device and method for temporarily storing gas and heat
2014210226 Granted Novel inorganic, halogen-free flameproofing agent on the basis of chemically modified recarbonized red mud
1999037114 Domestic refrigerator with peltier effect, heat accumulators and evaporative thermosyphons
2010348402 Lapsed Method for converting heat into hydraulic energy and apparatus for carrying out said method
1986060932 Ceased Process for manufacturing hydrate salts-base granule-shaped thermal energy accumulators with an adherent hermetic coating, accumulators obtained by said process and their use
2006301121 Lapsed Phase change material heat exchanger
2008264146 Lapsed System and method for improved electric cars and/or electric car batteries and/or improved infrastructures for recharging electric cars.
2008220732 Lapsed Machine comprising a solar heat source
2008201442 Granted Tripod head
1988011746 Ceased Method and apparatus for braking heavy vehicles
2011296007 Lapsed Device for the comminution of material
2011339069 Granted Method for condition monitoring of hydraulic accumulators
2001283910 Granted Emergency power supply device
1987070453 Ceased A method of manufacturing accumulators having accumulator plate sets and an accumulator manufactured in accordance with this method
2011241792 Granted Shear boost triggering and bottle reducing system and method
2011101110 Ceased Adjustable box for receiving accumulators
2011234086 Lapsed Autonomous motorization system
2014301179 Lapsed Method and device for storing electrical energy in electrochemical energy accumulators
2017200042 Filed Apparatus and methods for pre-heating water with air conditioner unit or heat pump