# Status Description
2000048808 Lapsed Control method for electric water heater operation
2006202773 Ceased Heater unit and electric cooker equipped therewith
2002347197 Lapsed Energy efficient heat pump systems for water heating and air conditioning
2000071841 Ceased Field conversion electric water heater
2001078271 Lapsed A heating device
2003246042 Ceased Electric Heating Plate
2009201076 Ceased Split non-pressurised solar water heating systems
2000061349 Lapsed An improved solar heating panel
2012358473 Lapsed A heating unit for a beverage preparation machine
1998088398 Granted A heating assembly
2000056608 Lapsed Method, apparatus and system for postforming thermoplastic sheets
2006349942 Lapsed Simultaneous cooling-heating multiple type air conditioner
2008313118 Granted Indirect heating/drying system, indirect heating/drying method for matter to be dried, and production method and production device of solid fuel
1997014948 Ceased Cooking device
2015300579 Filed Microwave composite heating furnace
1999044766 Ceased Steam cleaning heating unit
2000048811 Ceased Cement compositions for controlling alkali-silica reactions in concrete and processes for making same
2001097440 Lapsed A device for and a method of cleaning a milking machine, and a milking machine
2004274586 Ceased Method for starting a continuous steam generator and continuous steam generator for carrying out said method
2006100307 Expired Heating device with thin heating boards