# Status Description
2010901947 Lapsed
2011202095 Lapsed A Continuous Flow Electroflocculation Water Treatment System
2012253212 Granted A continuous flow electroflocculation water treatment systems
2013904029 Lapsed
2015246101 Filed A continuous row electroflocculation water treatment systems
2005100938 Ceased Connector device for concrete structures
2011203516 Granted Insulated concrete form (ICF) and method of making same
1998078403 Lapsed Buildings and methods of construction
1999018476 Ceased A door operator
1998061951 Ceased Balustrade support assembly
1998078531 Ceased A mesh and a panel for use in Cultured Pearl Farming Operations
1998075057 Lapsed Improved boat trailer
1998061889 Lapsed Releasable locking method and apparatus
1998077437 Lapsed Improved electrical switch
1998077486 Ceased A method for treating liquid waste
1998078406 Lapsed Printing process
1998078605 Lapsed Alignment press
1999019532 Ceased Improvements relating to mobile phones
1998052794 Lapsed Divider mechanism for waste hopper
1998077457 Ceased Multicombination vehicle and method for transporting a payload in an underground mine