Ladders and Scaffolds

# Status Description
2007200594 Granted Blind and its assembling method
2001046145 Granted Venetian blind with variable tilting
2007278024 Lapsed Composite implants for promoting bone regeneration and augmentation and methods for their preparation and use
2003242448 Lapsed Fold away roof gutter hook for ladders and additional support for use against walls
2003204016 Ceased Extendable Leg Means for Levelling Ladders and the Like
2004272767 Granted Catch device as part of a fall protection for ladders and similar climbing devices
1990056311 Ceased Apparatus for assembling slats of venetian blinds
1996057490 Ceased Methods for producing and analyzing biopolymer ladders
2014252769 Filed Biodegradable network polymers for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering
2015317622 Filed Multifunctional protein molecular weight ladders
2003204435 Granted Collapsible handrail mechanism
2005224997 Granted Method for obtaining graded pore structure in scaffolds for tissues and bone, and scaffolds with graded pore structure for tissue and bone
1996050449 Ceased Extendable leg means for levelling ladders and the like
2006241047 Granted Method of improving the osteoinductivity of calcium phosphate
1999053691 Stabilizers for double ladders and simple ladders
2013267381 Granted Tissue repair devices and scaffolds
1986059549 Ceased Levellers for ladders and other apparatus
1987068615 Lapsed Apparatus and methods for making rail-to-rung joints for ladders and joints for other structural elements
2005101063 Ceased Plasterboard trimmer for ceiling rebate
2007332131 Lapsed Rungs for individual rung ladders and a fabrication method for such rungs