# Status Description
1992010085 Ceased Creating and controlling lighting designs
1995020382 Ceased Solar lighting apparatus and controller for controlling the solar lighting apparatus
1992022748 Ceased Apparatus and method for aiding in deciding or setting ideal lighting conditions in image processing system
1992011974 Ceased Lighting system
1999023644 Ceased Improved ribbon decoration lighting structure
1989029730 Ceased Lighting system
1990059504 Ceased Removably-mountable integral lighting system
2000010002 Ceased Selected direction lighting device
2007101189 Ceased Lighting string controller with universal power input
1993034419 Expired Means and method for highly controllable lighting
2009284783 Lapsed LED lighting device
1991074117 Lapsed Midi lighting controller
1991084876 Ceased Diffuse patio lighting arrangement
1992030111 Ceased Wireless control for auxillary lighting
1994079794 Lapsed Method and system for designing lighting installations
1986058469 Ceased Programmable multicircuit wall-mounted controller
1989043376 Ceased Supervision and control of airport lighting and ground movements
1997042819 Ceased Lighting devices for controlled distribution and for panel radiation
1990057557 Expired Communication system for single point emergency lighting
1992010697 Lapsed Lighting control system for pinball games