# Status Description
1984032423 Expired Vaccines based on membrane bound proteins and process for making them
1988020503 Expired Set of disposables for use in a blood separation system
1984032424 Expired Molecularly cloned diagnostic product and method of use
2004238843 Lapsed Insertion of furin protease cleavage sites in membrane proteins and uses thereof
2009246798 Granted Permselective membrane-free direct fuel cell and components thereof
2011254022 Granted Membrane-free filter and/or integral framing for filter
1989030061 Expired Molecularly cloned diagnostic product and method of use
1988020508 Expired Improved method for filtering plasma from whole blood
1991087024 Lapsed Fibrin/collagen membrane material for biomedical use
2011202095 Lapsed A Continuous Flow Electroflocculation Water Treatment System
2012253212 Granted A continuous flow electroflocculation water treatment systems
2015246101 Filed A continuous row electroflocculation water treatment systems
2013205118 Granted Oil Recovery Process Including Treating Permeate From a Ceramic Membrane to Enhance Oil Recovery
1992010051 Expired Separation of cells from a cellular suspension
1988025303 Expired Sealing member for a container
1998051239 Ceased Novel polymeric complexes for the transfection of nucleic acids, with residues causing the destabilisation of cell membranes
2011313765 Lapsed Resilient ion exchange membranes
1986056440 Ceased Inflatable building structure
1992030505 Ceased Spiral-wound hollow fiber membrane fabric cartridges and modules having integral turbulence promoters
1987076871 Ceased Asymmetric gas separation membranes having graded density skins