# Status Description
2000042592 Ceased Mass storage data protection system for a gaming machine
1997032377 Lapsed Proof mass support and sensing system
2008220128 Granted Amino acid composition
2006290550 Granted Mass labels
2007264344 Lapsed Method and apparatus to generate thrust by inertial mass variance
2007350817 Lapsed Mixture of minerals and fluxes for obtaining metallurgical coke (variants)
2001044660 Ceased Steel sheet for fuel tank having high corrosion resistance
2002331952 Granted Mass labels
2010293591 Granted Two-phase stainless steel
2001240834 Granted Mass labels
2009292610 Granted High-strength steel plate and producing method therefor
2007220267 Lapsed Hydrophobic oil adsorbent material, and process for production and use
2009202190 Ceased High cellulose type covered electrode
1990065797 Ceased Methods and apparatus for using nuclear magnetic resonance to evaluate the muscle efficiency and maximum power of a subject during locomotion
1991084967 Ceased Metal matrix composites
1996071852 Ceased Cache memory system comprising a logic block address look-uptable and memory of operating the cache memory system
1999046525 Granted High-strength steel plate reduced in softening in weld heat-affected zone
2005274026 Granted Rotary fan press
2005308581 Ceased Drop mass soil compaction apparatus
2010100046 Granted A composition suitable for use in building construction