# Status Description
1997032377 Lapsed Proof mass support and sensing system
2017200593 Filed Methods, systems, and apparatus for monitoring yield and vehicle weight
2017201499 Filed Her3 protein SRM/MRM assay
2017201911 Filed Triple Phase Evaluation of Formation Fluids
2017202235 Filed Mining Machine with Driven Disc Cutters
2017203160 Filed BCL-2-LIKE PROTEIN 11 SRM/MRM ASSAY
2017203998 Filed H2O-based electrochemical hydrogen-catalyst power system
2017228551 Filed Electrochemical hydrogen-catalyst power system
2017232233 Filed Injectable, biodegradable bone cements and methods of making and using same
2017251859 Filed SRM/MRM assay for subtyping lung histology
2003230017 Granted Improved mass spectrometer and mass filters therefor
2007220267 Lapsed Hydrophobic oil adsorbent material, and process for production and use
2009202190 Ceased High cellulose type covered electrode
1999059437 Granted Plasma mass filter
2002331952 Granted Mass labels
2001240834 Granted Mass labels
2005274026 Granted Rotary fan press
2005308581 Ceased Drop mass soil compaction apparatus
2006313794 Granted X-ray inspection device
2006333809 Granted Softening detergent composition