Measuring and Testing

# Status Description
1996058099 Ceased Method for computer-aided measurement and testing of electrical circuits, in particular of electronic assemblies, and a test rig for carrying out the method.
2000049785 Ceased Automated nucleic acid compaction device
2014332023 Filed Latency measuring and testing system and method
1987069232 Ceased An improved system
2001213151 Ceased X-ray measuring and testing system
1987077202 Lapsed Method and apparatus for systematically testing objects including tennis balls
2003200850 Measuring and testing continuous elongated textile material
2013201856 Granted Testing apparatus and testing method for a traffic monitoring device with a laser scanner
1996052669 Ceased Process and apparatus for controlling gravity settling system
2013340898 Granted Barrier testing method
1999025379 Ceased Treating cancer
2004206032 Granted Electrochemical detection method
2004235453 Ceased Method and device for the authentication of documents and goods
2004295719 Withdrawn Method of forming and testing the formation of amorphous metal objects
2007216739 Lapsed Sample Collection and Testing System
1993034937 Lapsed System and method for testing and/or identification of objects including especially living fish-objects
1993045759 Lapsed Method and apparatus for testing shock absorbers and suspension systems
2001028091 Ceased Particulate and gaseous emission testing method of apparatus
2009215590 Ceased Test procedure to determine concentration and relative distribution of sized particles in a drilling fluid
2015213792 Filed Portable pressure switch calibration and diagnostic tool