Metal Deforming

# Status Description
1993034895 Ceased Cold-forming of toothed wheels from sheet steel
1993033098 Ceased Method of cold-forming toothed wheels
2000020900 Ceased Method and device for forming metals
2004203182 Lapsed Method of and apparatus for deforming a ductile material
1997019479 Ceased Method and device for machining metal plate
1987071297 Ceased Cold roll formed structures
2000068518 Lapsed Device for guiding at least a flexible elongated element such as a cable or the like, with substantially closed contour
1988016261 Ceased Variable strenth materials by rapid deformation
1987076607 Ceased Catalytic converter and substrate support
1990058099 Expired Process for fixing a metal screen in the housing of a vacuum switch, screen therefor, and vacuum switch provided with such a screen
2006228811 Granted Method of manufacturing a consumable filler metal for use in a welding operation
2012391506 Granted Well tool with dynamic metal-to-metal shape memory material seal
2014229789 Accepted Heat treat production fixture
1989047182 Ceased Manufacture of metal can bodies
1996076171 Ceased Process for manufacturing shaped forms of packaging
1994077732 Ceased Flexible lock nut and method of manufacturing
2011269695 Granted Sectional metal pallet formed from corrugated metal tubes
1996042261 Ceased Method of manufacturing vehicle steering wheel metal core unit
2007226271 Granted Flat process of drug coating for stents