# Status Description
1998077469 Granted Method of extraction of noble metals
2010229809 Ceased Process for recovering metals from coal liquefaction residue containing spent catalysts
2012252809 Lapsed Method for obtaining metals and rare earth metals from scrap
2010228740 Granted Liquid fuel producing method and liquid fuel producing system
2011360586 Lapsed Energy efficient recovery of precious metals and base metals
2015275875 Filed Interseparation of metals
2004227192 Granted Recovery of platinum group metals
1991079259 Ceased Method for extraction of valuable minerals and precious metals from oil sands ore bodies and other related ore bodies
2006312743 Granted A combination of casting process and alloy compositions resulting in cast parts with superior combination of elevated temperature creep properties, ductility and corrosion performance
2007213892 Ceased Aqueous solutions containing metal cyanide for cyanide leaching for the winning of gold and silver
1998064248 Lapsed Process and device for recovering and treating of aqueous solutions
1999022530 Ceased Ceramic material for use in the separation of oxygen from gas mixture
2005100939 Ceased F - treatment of titanium materials
2005295151 Lapsed Device and method for removing heavy metals from contaminated samples with membranes comprising purified metallothionein
2006308080 Granted A bulk catalyst composition and a process preparing the bulk catalyst composition
2006308166 Granted Process for the preparation of a shaped bulk catalyst
2007296136 Lapsed Process for recovering Group VI-B metals from spent catalysts
2008283739 Granted Enrichment process for a PGM-metals containing stream
2008364126 Granted Method and device for controlling the introduction of several metals into a cavity designed to melt said metals
2002013539 Ceased Thermistor and method of manufacture