# Status Description
2000061356 Ceased Hidden meter display for gaming machine
1993036683 Ceased Effect of particle-size distribution of cellulose ethers on palatability of compositions
2005325140 Ceased Server based meter model softcount and audit processing for gaming machines
2006202241 Withdrawn Well Integrity and Sub-Sea Support (WISS) Testing and Training Facility for Oil and Gas in Western Australia
2008226584 Ceased Reconfigurable mobile mode and fixed network mode endpoint meters
2010200088 Granted System for automatically detecting power system configuration
1986059131 Ceased Improvements in or relating to metering
1997022895 Ceased Device for metering and measuring quantities of liquid
1996070460 Ceased Swing type amusement ride with pendulum damper
1997010614 Ceased Fluid metering apparatus and method
1997047402 Ceased Universal adaptor for electronic parking meters
1998064534 Granted Remote access to electronic meters using a TCP/IP protocol suite
1999035411 Granted Improvements in remote control and data logging
2003248989 Lapsed Energy consumption monitoring
1994070400 Lapsed Mains signalling systems
2005239405 Ceased System and method for improved transmission of meter data
2005239592 Ceased Method and system for configurable qualification and registration in a fixed network automated meter reading system
2007322008 Lapsed System and method for conducting bi-directional communication sessions with utility meters from a mobile device
2009322498 Granted Method for determining load in a three-phase power supply
1998078833 Ceased Precalibrated flow meter