# Status Description
2002042355 Ceased To create all stroke style motors into rotary style motors
2016100485 Granted Method and device for driving rotor
2008202440 Lapsed Dual-Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine with Tilt Mode
1999060194 Ceased Magnetically powered conveyor system and method
2001038982 Ceased A method and apparatus for ventilating electrical equipment on board a rail vehicle
1995030529 Ceased Control system for reciprocating floor conveyor
1992030338 Ceased Differential speed control of electric motors
2001233945 Ceased Motor control for two motors
2004101013 Ceased Linear Drive for swing motion used in shovels and draglines
2008309200 Lapsed Downhole load sharing motor assembly
2011247863 Granted Method and Apparatus for Controlling the Drive System for Mobile Equipment such as a Mobile Construction and/or Mining Machine
2011272007 Granted Driving-force control apparatus for electric vehicle
2013403750 Accepted Method and device for driving rotor
2016303994 Filed Unmanned aerial vehicle
1994053092 Ceased Control device for air conditioner
1990053050 Ceased Spin/stall detector for an electrically propelled traction vehicle
1990061288 Expired Electric propulsion system with adaptive overspeed limit for traction vehicles
1990064820 Ceased Drive system for railway vehicle
1997013647 Ceased Filter or catalytic-converter device
1999047451 Lapsed Power supply and signal transmission system of a grasping claw for a grab box