Nonmetallic Processes

# Status Description
1998068926 Ceased Method for direct reduction and upgrading of fine-grained refractory and earthy iron ores and slags
2006254135 Granted Porous metal foam body
2014223791 Lapsed Reflective color filter and color display device
1994053120 Ceased Analytical method for nonmetallic contaminants in silicon
2014223560 Lapsed Anti-reflective coating
1989031627 Ceased A bone implant
1994075808 Ceased Hull structure of nonmetallic material
2009202370 Granted Method for preparing metallic alloy articles without melting
2003253837 Granted Producing metallic articles by reduction of nonmetallic precursor compounds and melting
1993036727 Ceased Pneumatic radial tire having two nonmetallic chippers
1987073939 Ceased Cast reinforced composite material
2013372107 Lapsed Connector for combined fastening device
2005201175 Granted Method for preparing a metallic article having an other additive constituent, without any melting
2005225048 Granted Method for producing a titanium metallic composition having titanium boride particles dispersed therein
2005242134 Lapsed Chemical transformation of substrates using nonmetallic, organic catalyst compositions
2009100376 Ceased Engineered or structured coatings for light manipulation in solar cells and other materials
2009202263 Granted Method for fabricating a metallic article without any melting
2003200244 Granted Removable bridge plug or packer
2003245482 Granted Method for fabricating a metallic article without any melting
1997019032 Granted Coated articles